Mazzo Porcelain Patterned Wall & Floor Tile - elitetile


Blending two distinct textures, our floor and wall tile mimics the rustic appearance of natural stone and the timeless beauty of marble. This matte hexagon tile features natural mineral-like pattern variations and veining striations in fading light and dark grey hues, replicating the appearance of aged stone. Composed of rich detail and a smooth slip-resistant surface, this unique porcelain tile offers decorative, rustic beauty through realistic scuffs and spots that are the marks of well-loved, worn, century-old tile. This innovative and sophisticated display of geometric design is visually appealing and versatile and adapts to any stylistic context. Its impervious, frost-resistant, and durable features make this an ideal choice for both commercial and residential indoor and outdoor installations including, kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, showers, hallways, entryways, patios, and fireplace facades. This tile is a perfect choice on its own or paired with other products. Tile is the better choice for your space. This tile is made from natural ingredients, making it a healthy choice as it is free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, and PVC.