Low Profile Plastic Dish Drying Rack with Buttoned Micro Fiber Drying Mat - hb


QUICK DRYING DISH RACK WITH MAT: Bring together both a drying mat and dish drying pad allowing you to dry and store your dishes, while also keeping counters free of water build-up and scratchesTHICK AND SUPER ABSORBANT DISH DRYING PAD: The microfiber drying mat is thick to absorb excess water from soaking wet dishes, while also shielding counters from scruffs and scratches. The material is gentle cushioning delicate dishware from chipping and cracking.LOW PROFILE DISH RACK: Unlike traditional dish racks that are bulky and consume too much space, the low profile plastic dish drying mat with micro fiber mat takes up little room and boasts a simple design that doesn’t clash with your décor or make the kitchen look so cluttered.DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: Made of sturdy plastic, the dish rack is lightweight, allowing you to easily grab it from the cabinet when dish washing time comes to an end and put it back when you’re done. Both the dish rack and the microfiber mat offer a clean design that matches perfectly with any décor.EASY TO CLEAN: The microfiber mat is crafted from soft material that gentle on even the most fragile glassware yet is thick and sturdy to stand up to frequent washings without fraying in the process.COMPLETE THE LOOK: Pair this piece with our line of soap dispensers to simplify dishwashing duty