Liza Table Lamp by - slamp
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Material innovation reinvents the charming silhouette of the Slamp Liza Table Lamp, using prismatic polycarbonate materials to create an all-encompassing glow throughout the whole fixture. Composed entirely of Lentiflex®, the lamp has a pleasing continuity that is matched by the two light sources in the base and shade. An integrated LED light source shines light up from the base, while the slender openings in the stem and tapered shade shine a patterned light around the structure. First conceived in 1994 by Italian designer Roberto Ziliani, Slamp lighting has garnered world recognition as being at the top of a very short list of innovative and envelope-pushing lighting companies. Continually existing and resisting, Slamp, with their resounding mantra, "From Italy to Eternity," sets the stage for their newest and most avant-garde collections yet.