Live in Harmony 18 in x 30 in Rubber Coco Entrance Door Mat - rubber-cal
($32.92 save 49%)


This rubber/coconut mat is the perfect item to bring some aesthetic harmony into your home. It also helps to keep your home clean by keeping mud and dirt from entering your door. Featuring a beautiful pattern design on its front that lives up to its name, buy these front entrance mats to experience their wonderful benefits today. The borders of this recycled tire doormat feature an elegant design that makes it look at home in any setting. However, the aesthetic also serves a function. The spaces in the rubber are actually meant for draining excess amounts of water from the mat. This is especially useful when you rinse the mat with water in order to clean it. The water will go through these spaces and allow the mat to dry faster. The natural and reclaimed rubber that goes into the production of this mat help gives it a slip-resistant quality. Feet, especially wet feet, can slip on some surfaces and causes injurious falls. The risk of slipping and falling is largely mitigated with these outdoor door mats because rubber provides excellent traction for feet. A part of these front entrance mats is made from coir. A natural product made from the husks of coconuts, coir is tough enough to scrape dirt and mud off of the soles of shoes that are the hardest to reach. After removing the debris, the coir keeps it trapped on the mat until it is cleaned away. Don't let dirt and mud ruin the interior harmony of your home.