Lemon Scent Furniture Polish - great value


Cleans and Renews Furniture formulated to keep dust away. Removes dust, dirt and smudges. Protects from water spills and stains. Works well on finished, sealed woods, stainless steel, leather, marble and granite. Great Value Lemon Scent Furniture Polish is an easy way to keep surfaces sparkling clean. This polish works hard to remove dust, dirt, grime, and smudges from a wide variety of surfaces throughout your home and office. Use it to refresh an array of finished and sealed woods, stainless steel, leather, marble, and granite. Fine furniture and antiques are beautified and protected with each spray. You can keep it in your car for quick interior detailing projects, bringing leather seats and dashboards back to life. There is no rubbing required. You just need to spray and wipe to reveal a beautiful finish every time. Formulated to keep dust away, it helps to cut your cleaning time. This 9.7-ounce bottle removes stubborn fingerprint smudges while leaving behind a light lemon scent .