La Crosse 25 inch Basic Analog Dial Thermometer 104 134 TBP - la crosse technology
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Why rely on temperature reports coming from miles away Monitor and check the temperature in your own backyard at a glance with the 13.25-inch La Crosse Basic Analog Dial Thermometer. This classic outdoor wall thermometer features a bright red pointing hand to indicate current outdoor temperatures. Measures from one extreme to another with temperature readings ranging from -60 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With an extra-large dial, this easy to read thermometer can be seen clearly from far away. Its sturdy construction and quality materials make it weather resistant to the outdoor elements. For the most accurate readings we recommend protecting it under an overhang, out of direct sunlight and precipitation. With its shatter resistant lens and plastic frame, the La Crosse 13.25-inch Basic Analog Dial Thermometer will give you lasting results for years to come. A built-in keyhole bracket makes it easy to hang anywhere you can drive a screw or nail.