KSTFD070CAG Portable Fan - keystone
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The Keystone KSTFD070CAG Portable Convertible Fan helps keep you cool all day long. Due to its compact design, it can fit nicely on top of your desk, on your kitchen counter or even on your vanity. This wall-mountable fan also allows you to place the fan in an area where work surface space is limited. It features full tilt adjustments and variable speed settings to ensure that the air is circulating exactly how and where it is needed. This Keystone fan has a 7" blade diameter protected by a plastic grille facing. The operating mechanics contain an ultra-quiet DC motor and includes an AC adapter, which in turn uses 80% less electricity; saving you money. The versatile construction of this Keystone KSTFD070CAG Portable Convertible Fan allows it to fold up to a 5" in height to make storage and transporting so easy, you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you're at school, at home or at the office, this mighty little fan will keep you feeling comfortable.Keystone KSTFD070CAG Portable Fan: