Kraft Twine 1 Natural 6785142 - jam paper


Pounds of papers, boatloads of boxes, and tons of twigs. It's a messy world out there, so how can we hope to straighten everything out? It's JAM Paper brown kraft twine to the rescue! Strong and versatile, this tool can wrap up your messes securely and keep even the most cluttered homes organized. With its natural, rustic look, you can even use it to wrap gifts for those rugged outdoor types. Pack your belongings together for moving day, or sort out recyclables for pickup. With 54 yards of twine, you'll have no problem keeping everything in line..Each measures out to be 54 yards, this way you'll have enough twine to last the year, or at least a very big craft!.It is very sturdy and durable and has a natural feel to it!.100% recycled content.Kraft twine is great crafting tool and is perfect for dozens of uses around the house and garden.Finish: Matte.Jam Paper Brown kraft twine is perfect for crafts, house and garden projects featuring 3 ply natural jute construction..This versatile tool is a perfect substitute for ribbon, especially for gifts wrapped in kraft, burlap, or anything brown. And since our twine is rugged, rustic, and all around handsome, you can use it for much more than just wrapping presents. Tie up plants in your garden, secure bags and other containers, decorate your crafts, and add them to everyday items! From vases to mason jars, from newspapers to picture frames, this twine will surely get the job done and stylishly too! Get the most natural look (and we all know those are the best looks, especially according to men) with our Brown Twine.