Jewish Recipe Cookbook Tasty Collection of Jewish Heritage Dishes for Any Occasions Rachael Rayner Author - independently published


Within these pages, you will discover the wonderful world of Jewish cuisine, that is filled with distinguishing elements of the Jewish dietary laws or better known as Kashrut. This collection of recipes that fall under Newish Jewish cuisine. Newish (compared to new) means a little new, and a little different but overall is not overhauled to the point that it is no longer recognizable. With this collection of recipes, I wanted to keep them close to the original while adding some new ingredients or ways of preparing these Jewish recipes. In this collection, I have tried to streamline my recipes while also maintaining their food soul, so to speak, or trying to keep their culinary DNA intact. I have tried to create in this cookbook, a mixture of ultimate classic and familiar Jewish dishes along with newer flavors and using more vibrant approaches in creating them. In this collection I have also included some vegetarian recipes, while once upon a time Jewish meals were 'meat and potatoes' this has now evolved to include meat, potatoes, alternate proteins, grains, along with innovations with vegetables just to name a few! You will discover that the main vegetarian meals are certainly no less hearty than the meat-filled recipes. Offering a vegetarian version of Jewish foods, I think it is a good idea-since many of us have chosen alternate eating pathways over the traditional eating pathways. This collection of Jewish recipes is meant to help you to feed the body and soul of yourself, friends, and loved ones. I truly hope that you many years of joy in creating and sharing these Jewish recipes with those close to your heart!