In Wash Scent Booster Maui Sunset - arm & hammer


DEODORIZATION PLUS LASTING FRESHNESS: Add this refreshing scent booster for washer to help deodorize laundry and to infuse a lasting scent of an island breeze.MAUI SUNSET SCENT PLUS ARM & HAMMER BAKING SODA: This scent booster features a tropical fruit blend of pineapple and mango that delivers a touch of the islands.SCENTATIONALLY FRESH LAUNDRY: Simply fill to line on cap outer wall and add to washer before loading clothes for a tropically fragrant laundry booster.WORKS IN ALL MACHINES & ALL TEMPERATURES: Our laundry scent booster is safe for standard and HE washing machines; dissolves completely in all water temperatures.SAFE FOR ALL COLORS, WASHABLE FABRICS AND LOAD TYPES: This in-wash scent booster adds a lasting island fragrance to clothing, workout gear, sheets, towels and more.