Immerse GH30 V2 Gaming Headset - msi
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MSI Immerse GH30 V2 Gaming Headset The lightweight configuration and foldable headband of this MSI Immerse GH30 V2 Gaming Headset make it a perfect match for your daily audio gadget. Carefully selected soft touch ear cups help to maintain comfort to your ears after hours of games, and they're easy to separate from GH30 for cleaning. GH30’s unidirectional mic keeps communication clear and effective by having excellent reception to sound. Detach the mic anytime when you just feel like relaxing with music. Using a 3.5mm audio jack makes the GH30 compatible with PC, laptop and mobile devices that have a 3.5mm port. What You Get GH30 V2 Gaming Headset 3.5 mm Splitter Cable Detachable Microphone Carry Pouch Documentation