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Optimus H-5511 Portable Indoor Electric Infrared Quartz Radiant Space Heater

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H 5511 Portable Indoor Electric Infrared Quartz Radiant Space Heater - optimus
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When the outdoor cold air starts to hurt your face, escape inside your home and enjoy the cozy warmth that the Optimus Portable Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater has to offer. This convenient space heater maintains your preferred internal temperature so you can remain happy and toasty at all times. Powered by an ultra-efficient motor, this space heater provides long-lasting airflow inside your home. Spread the heat all across your house. Light and compact, this portable heater has cool-touch housing and a built-in handle to make moving from room-to-room easy. The tip-over safety switch and the overload thermal protector keeps you safe from overheating and uncomfortable sweating. Whether you're looking for a little warmth or maximize toastiness, customize your heating area using the rotary dial. This electric room heater allows you to choose between 2 different wattages. Not only will you enjoy the sun-like warmth, but you'll also love the money-saving, low-energy power usage. Keep your home warm and welcoming throughout the winter with the Optimus Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Radiant Room Heater.