Goodcook Chrome Waiters Corkscrew - bradshaw
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Got wine. You need a corkscrew. This waiter-style corkscrew is easy to use, and folds compactly, hiding the pointed screw for safe storage in the gadget drawer. The 2-step hinged lever will make wine opening look stylish, while it's also very efficient at removing corks from all sorts of wine bottles. This has its own built-in foil knife, so there's no need for a second gadget and it also has an integrated bottle opener so the beer and soda drinkers in the crowd won't need to scavenge for another tool. The screw is triple-plated with chrome, so it looks shiny and attractive in use and works well with both natural and synthetic corks. The handle is comfortable to use, no matter how many wine bottles need to be opened. While this is typically used for wine bottles, there are occasional oil or vinegar bottles with corks that can be opened with this corkscrew.