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Rubber-Cal Go Away! Scram! Leave! Humorous Doormats Coco Mat, 18 x 30-Inch

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Go Away! Scram! Leave! Humorous Doormats Coco Mat 18 x 30 Inch - rubber-cal
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Humorous door mats with a sarcastic touch; the perfect door mat for anyone who wants to be left alone! Welcome mats constructed from the husks of coconuts for an eco-friendly product developed with low environmental impact This coco mat is built to last through all conditions with sturdy, fibrous material that is resistant to the elements Fibrous quality allows this door mat to attack unwanted soil and liquids on incoming foot traffic to keep your indoor flooring cleaner Perfectly sized message mats available in 18 x 30 inches with a 5/8-inch thickness for an ideal fit at your front door