Glass Cleaner Refill Cartridge for Glass Cleaner Reusable Spray Bottle two Refill Cartridges - clorox


Clean with a purpose and avoid the clutter under the sink. Use these refill cartridges with the Clorox Glass Cleaner Cleaning System for a safe and streak-free shine. The Glass Cleaner starter kit contains one spray bottle and two refill cartridges. Just add tap water, pop in a cartridge, replace the sprayer and get cleaning. This pack of two refill cartridges has less plastic and takes up less storage space. The reusable spray bottle is 100% recyclable can be used for over 10 years, and by using this eco-friendly refill system, you use 75% less plastic.* Plus, adding your own water with this refill system makes for 70% fewer trucks on the road.** Its EPA Safer Choice certified; safe for use around kids and pets. Bleach-free and ammonia-free, effectively remove dirt and smudges from glass surfaces throughout your home. Better for you and better for the environment, clean with less plastic waste. *Refill vs. the 32 ounce bottle of Clorox Clean-Up. **To transport the equivalent volume