Garage Storage Tool Save Spacing Garage Organizer Wall Mount With Mini Rail Hooks Garage Storage System Kit Rail And Accessories,Hang For Shovels - hahaemall


Our garagestorage rail and accessories provide you with many different ways toreconfigure your space, which is very suitable for saving space, and can storea large number of items to make your space look clean and tidy. Garage wall organizer includesdifferent types of hooks,accommodate every storage need within your customized garage to add to garage hanging storagerail. Strong but lightweight accessories that allow for a clean and shiny look.Install rails and accessories easily in minutes for oneperson using common tools. Our gardentool organizer provide the basic accessories for garage storage system, creating more space.Porous orbit design let you can build or expand your system by customizing thestorage space based on the stud spacing of your space. Garage storage system accessories canaccommodate a variety of toolsin your garage. The hooks of garage storage system kit is equipped with a cast aluminum gripper that snaps tightlyinto the rail system for that mounting application,providing greater stability and are noteasy to drop and slide into the garage mounting rails quickly. It can be easilyinstalled at home by one person. Garage storageorganization kit: 1 x 32" garage mini rail: Easily to fit for 16 or 24 inch stud spacing.2x J hooks– small: Aluminum Alloy, hold up to 100 lb, hang for any small tools2x Single L hooks-Large: Aluminum Alloy, hold up to 60 lb, hang for cable2x S hooks- small: 50% Aluminum Alloy+45% Steel +5% Plastic(ABS), hold up to 60 lb. Hangfor broom, shovel, rakes and more.6 x Dry Wall Fixing Kit1 x Installation Manual