FWC CD02 1W Cabinet Add On Storage Accessory for Garage Organization Systems - flow wall


VERSATILE WALL STORAGE: Revamp any space in your garage with this 26-inch-tall, 23-inch-wide, and 12-inch-deep wall cabinet that easily attaches to existing Flow Wall panels to create stylish and secure off-the-ground storage space DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our powder-coated, steel-body outdoor cabinets boast a sleek design and strong build; each of our adjustable slatwall shelves can hold up to 50 lbs EASY INSTALLATION: All components click into the panel for a secure placement; provides maximum adaptability and convenience for your own unique storage and organizing needs FULLY INTEGRATED DESIGN: Access the slatwall panel at the back of this modular cabinet to turn any wall into an adaptable organization system that securely holds Flow Wall hooks, bins, cabinets, and other storage units TOOLS AND SUPPLIES' STORAGE: Add additional panels, shelves, and other accessories to your garage storage system for a truly customized space that can always be changed