Free Standing Nickel Paper Towel Holder - better homes & gardens


Paper towels are a modern-day kitchen essential. In most cases, theyre the first thing you reach for when you need to quickly clean something up or wipe something down. Its hard to imagine living without them; but that doesnt mean you need to use a flimsy stand-up paper towel holder or settle for the inconvenience of a mounted paper towel dispenser that?s fixed in place under your cabinet. Introducing Better Homes & Gardens Nickel Paper Towel Holder Keep your paper towels quickly accessible when you need them most with this modern paper towel holder that features simple, elegant lines and an easy to clean brushed nickel finish that is sure to compliment any kitchen decor. Not only does the modern design look great, the weighted base and innovative rubber fin holds any standard-size paper towel roll securely in place while providing just the right amount of resistance for an easy one-handed tear every time. With nothing to remove or unscrew and no tension arm to hold back, Better Homes & Gardens? Nickel Paper Towel Holder couldn?t be easier to load. Simply slide any standard size paper towel roll onto the fin and you?re ready to go ? it?s that simple. For a paper towel dispenser that looks great, is portable, and easy to use order the Nickel Paper Towel Holder from Better Homes & Gardens today.