Felt Tip Pen Ultra Fine Point Ink 2 Pack 7655875A - jam paper


Sometimes an ordinary ballpoint pen just won't do. If you want your letters to have smooth lines and a bold texture that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, then the JAM Paper® Felt Tip Pens are the writing implements for you. They feature very fine plastic points make every stroke clear and distinct, and come in a variety of well-defined colors to make your messages stand out among the crowd. Add a spark of creativity while still keeping your words professional with the calmness and safety of the teal color from this stylish Felt Tip Pen!.Size: Ultra fine tip.Felt Tip Pens are perfect for drawing, lettering, invitations, and everyday writing!.Quantity: 2 per pack.Color: Teal.Our pens feature a smooth, ultra-thin tip for precise lines and writing.JAM Paper® Teal Felt Tip Pens provide unmatched quality colors with bold, crisp fine line control.