Family Photo Personalized Eucalyptus Scented Candle Jar - personalizationmall


Personalize with any photo and line of text below the word "family" Eucalyptus Spa scent features soothing Eucalyptus infused with mintSingle wickAverage burn time of 30-40 hoursMeasures 3.5" H x 3.25" W10 oz candle jar with plastic lidSmooth soy blend waxNever leave a burning candle unattendedPoured in the USA The Family Photo Personalized Scented Glass Candle Jar is the perfect way to display a special photo in any room in your home. Every time you light the candle you will be able to see it shine as brightly as the smiling faces that are looking back at you. Please Note: There may be slight imperfections and some pieces may have slight differences in the wax. Our soy wax blend slightly contracts and expands with the environments temperature which will sometimes cause the wax to pull away from the surface of your glass jar. This movement can result in a bubbled appearance. Once your candle is lit the wax will begin to warm and expand and these bubbles you may see from the outside of the jar will disappear.