All Natural Fire Starters for Fire Pit Charcoal Grill Lighter Fire Starter Cubes 20 Minutes Burn Time 48 Pack - ecofire
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Long duration: each fire starter cube burns for 20 minutes, which is a much longer burn time compared to other starters of similar size; the compact and lightness of the 0.9 in. x 1.25 in. cubes makes them perfect for lean-to fire or any tight situations with limited space.Versatile use: compatible to use as a fire starter with most popular cooking appliances, such as the Kamado Joe Classic, Weber Smokey Joe, Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker, the Ooni Pizza Oven, Outdoor Firebowl and Kingso Fire Pit, they'll also combine perfectly with various types of fuel, like fogo lump charcoal, oak wood or any similar hardwood lump charcoal.Quick fire whenever you need it: we created the easy wick for quick and easy fire lighting every single time; it provides a path for controlled and complete burning, ensuring that there are no materials wasted. Even when placed sideways, the fire starter cubes will still burn evenly.Suitable for all occasions: use these compact and safe lighter cubes to start fire for wood burning, BBQs, fireplace, campfire, grills, and anywhere you wish: they're good to use for any setting or occasion, such as a campsite, your backyard, indoor chimney, fireplace, and more.Sustainable and recycled material: made from 100% natural pine wood, plus wax and cotton;rest assured that there are no additional additives with our fire starters.