Duster Multi Surface Heavy Duty Refills 3 Count - swiffer
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With specially coated Dusters Heavy Duty cloths, you can trap and lock 3X more dust and allergens vs. a feather duster.The specially coated fibers reach deep into nooks and crannies to grab, trap and lock dust.Dusters can be used wherever dust shows up. Fan blades, blinds, car interior, keyboard, vents bookcases and more.Did you know that dust on your surfaces can get circulated back into the air, compromising the air we breathe? Swiffer Dusters trap and lock dust from your surfaces, which promotes cleaner air. Try Swiffer, a proud partner of the American Lung Association.Once trapped, get dust and allergens out of your home once and for all. Just toss the Duster pad and you're done!