Double Tap Halfrel Keg Manual Freestanding Residential Beer Kegerator IVBKADT491BWH - ivation


You’ll be the life of the party when you set up this dual-tap beer generator from Ivation. The external CO2 tank mount allows for additional space inside the refrigeration cabinet. Includes stylish 3-inch chrome beer tap tower. It can hold kegs up to a barrel (or two 1/6 barrel kegs at once), and can cool and pour from two different taps. It cools beer from low-30’s to mid-40’s degrees (Ð?). The refrigeration cabinet stores and cools your beer as you serve it, eliminating the need for a messy ice bucket. The drip tray and guardrail help protect your floor against spills. Locking casters add increased maneuverability and stability. Use the included shelves to convert it into a standard beverage cooler as needed. Kick back, chill out, and enjoy brewery-fresh beer. Ivation Double Tap Halfrel Keg Black Manual Freestanding Residential Beer Kegerator | IVBKADT491BWH