CS11305 Sealer Glue and Finish Matte Finish - mod podge
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Plaid Mod Podge is an essential crafting tool that glues and seals in one easy step. This non-toxic, Matte formula can be used on any porous surface, including wood and fabric. As a glue, Matte Mod Podge is easy to apply and holds tight. As a sealer, it protects acrylic paints and decoupage artwork and as a finish, it can be sanded between coats for an ultra-smooth surface. This versatile all-in-one hobby glue spreads easily and can be used in conjunction with a clear acrylic sealer for a non-tacky, professional finish. Bring crafting and artwork to a whole new level with this easy-to-use gloss coating. Crafters everywhere entrust their most treasured decoupage creations to Mod Podge®, the number one, all-in-one glue, sealer and finish!