Creative Studio Graphite Sketch Set 8 Pieces Adult Beginner Art Set - faber-castell


SKETCHING PENCILS SET - Beginners drawing set includes 6 pencils in 6 degrees of lead hardness: 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4, and 6B, pencil sharpener and PVC- and latex-free eraser with comfort grip edges MULTI-FACETED DRAWING PENCILS - Faber-Castell's graphite sketch pencils are diverse, versatile and can recreate most grayscale tones with detail and dimension QUALITY BREAK-RESISTANT LEAD - Patented SV process bonds leads the entire length of the barrel to ensure limitless graphite drawing with easy to sharpen and break resistant leads with point retention CONSISTENT, FLAWLESS LAYDOWN - Faber-Castell lead is composed of finely ground graphite and clay to ensure an effortless smooth, rich color laydown perfect for shading and detailed drawings DEPENDABLE PENCIL SHAPE - Graphite pencils are hexagonal to ensure that pencils don't roll off table during work