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Ampersand Cradled Claybord, 11"x14"x.75"

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Cradled Claybord - ampersand
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Cradled Claybord by Ampersand is the ultimate multimedia panel that delivers an archival surface with an ultra-smooth, super absorbent clay finish. This professional quality birch wood panel supports ink, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, collage, photo-transfer, pencil and more. The soft kaolin clay ground has a unique creative surface that can be easily manipulated, erased and reused multiple times, which makes it perfect for facilitating sgraffito, scratching through to previous layers of colors. The cradled claybord fits standard canvas and floater frames and can be gessoed, painted or stained for a polished look and immediate display. Size: 11"x14"x.75".