Copper Core(r) Stock Pot with Lid - all-clad


Beauty is only skin deep. Copper goes to the core. This quintessential cookware collection is the result of more than four decades of All-Clad ingenuity and artisanship. Copper-Core combines the ideal benefits of copper heat conduction with the cleaning ease of stainless steel. Because this formula is a carefully-guarded All-Clad innovation, no other cookware in the world can match the performance standards of its unique bonded design. Copper-Core is the premier All-Clad cookware collection and is the choice of many of the world's elite chefs and discriminating cooks. Highly versatile, Stock Pots are essential to the well-equipped kitchen. These pots allow you to saut or brown, then add liquids for stocks, soups, and stews. All sizes easily accommodate many ears of corn, a big batch of chili, or braised lamb shanks. Copper Core Technical Details: Copper Core's patented 5-Ply bonded design utilizes a copper center core to maximize heat conductivity and responsiveness. The copper ply is bonded to aluminum to enhance heat distribution while reducing weight. The bonded exterior and interior layers are the highest-quality stainless steel, providing the ideal cooking surface, ease of cleaning, extreme durability, and sculpturesque aesthetic appeal. Size: 8-qt.