Busy Bounce Durable Rubber Dog Toy Large - titan
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Titan Busy Bounce Durable Rubber Dog Toy, Large, Red It's time to get busy...with the Titan Busy Bounce. This durable, ingenious, and multipurpose dog toy keeps your dogs mouth and mind happily occupied when alone and primed for play when you're home. Your dog's safety is our top priority. Proudly manufactured in Wisconsin, we guarantee a FDA safe rubber toy. In other words, every Busy Bounce that ends up in your dog's mouth or between their paws, is designed to be there. The patented Busy Bounce shape creates as unique experience as that of your very own fur child's personality. The erratic bounce stimulates mental agility and increases the challenge during play. Pick it up and give it a toss, you'll understand what we mean...Did someone say treat? Stuff with treats for a relaxing snack, a self-guided tour around the house nosing the toy to release kibble, or freeze for extended leisure. The Busy Bounce comes in 2 different sizes: Medium for 15-35 pound dogs and Large for 30-65 pound dogs.