Briggs Natural Sheepskin Wool Comfort Medical Mattress Bed Pad Bed Mat Washable 8 to 9 Square Feet - dmi


MADE OF 100 PERCENT NATURAL SHEEPSKIN. This DMI sheepskin bed pad is effective in helping to prevent pressure sores and ulcers as you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. It also provides enhanced airflow to maximize your comfort level during a great night sleep SLEEPING ON A CLOUD! The natural sheepskin material comfortably cushions your body in all of the right places, helping you sleep more soundly through the night THE WOOL IS RECOMMENDED BY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS as the preferred surface for pressure ulcer prevention GREAT FOR ALL SLEEPERS. This versatile mattress bed pad is ideal for the home, hospitals and nursing homes MACHINE WASHABLE. Measures 8 to 9 square feet