Bench Seat Cover Extra Wide Waterproof Bench Cover 60 Inches - petsafe
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The PetSafe Bench Seat Cover allows you and your dog to enjoy being on the go together while keeping your car seats free of moisture, muddy pet paws and dog hair. This waterproof cover measures 47 inches long and 60 inches wide to fit most cars, trucks and SUVs with a bench seat. The back seat cover is easy to use; just place the two adjustable head straps around the head rests and place the seat anchor tubes between the seat back and bottom. The elastic panels and lower straps, on the bottom of the cover, keep it snugly fit to your car seat. You can easily access your seat belts and seat buckles without needing to remove the bench seat cover. When you are ready to clean the bench seat cover, toss it into your washing machine and follow the washing instructions. The PetSafe Bench Seat Cover is just one of the ways that we help you and your pet live happy together.