Beer Stock Pot with Lid - concord cookware


Features:Commercial grade thick wallsKit includes your size choice of kettle and all accessoriesMaterial: All accessories are made of quality 304 stainless steel with the exception of the barbed hose which is made from higher quality 316 stainless steelEasy to remove weld less fittings allows for easy cleaningEvery hardware you need to assemble your own brew kettle is included, so all you need is a electric drill and drilling oil to get startedComes with everything you need to create your own weld less brew kettleProduct Type: Home Brewing KitSet: YesPieces Included: Brew Thermometer;Ball Valve/Spigot;Barbed Hose Fitting;2 Weldless Bulkhead Fitting;1 nipple fitting;Polytetrafluoroethylene tape;hole drill bitAdditional Components Required For Use: Beverage Type: BeerPrimary Material: Stainless SteelBrew Kettle: YesStove Type Compatibility: InductionMaximum Temperature: Capacity (Size: 30 Quart): 30Wall Thickness: Capacity (Size: 40 Quart): 40Capacity (Size: 50 Quart): 50Capacity (Size: 60 Quart): 60Capacity (Size: 80 Quart): 80Plys (Layers of Metal): Country of Origin: ChinaSpefications:Dimensions:Ball valve: 0.5"Glass thermometer: 3"Barded hose fitting: 0.5"Weldless bulkhead fitting: 0.5"Nipple fitting: 0.5"Hole drill bit: 0.5"30 Quart: 14.25" W (measurement for pot only)40 Quart: 14" W (measurements for pot only)50 Quart: 16.5" W (measurements for pot only)60 Quart: 17" W (measurements for pot only)80 Quart: 18" W (measurements for pot only)Overall Product Weight (Size: 30 Quart): 14Overall Product Weight (Size: 40 Quart): 16Overall Product Weight (Size: 50 Quart): 18Overall Product Weight (Size: 60 Quart): 20Overall Product Weight (Size: 80 Quart): 24Assembly:Warranty: Size: 30 Quart