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JAM Paper Bandana Birthday Red Cotton Ribbon, 360" x 2.5"

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JAM Paper Bandana Birthday Cotton Ribbon - reliant ribbon
Not Available


JAM Paper Bandana Ribbon is great for anyone who is looking for a unique final addition to any gift for a special occasion. this red ribbon is easy to work with and is the perfect last touch to any gift basket or themed birthday present. You can even add it to your party decorations and favors and use the smaller size ribbon as a fun accent your invitations! Made out of cotton, this ribbon has a smooth finish and comes in other cool designs and colors for any indecisive person. Also, there are no worries about mess when it comes to this themed JAM Paper that is secured by a spool and makes for easy clean up and stowaway. Whether you’re using it for your birthday gifts, party decorations, or gift baskets, this ribbon is necessary to have in your craft collection!