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Backyard Griling Ava Ferguson Author

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Backyard Griling Ava Ferguson Author - createspace publishing
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Food is more than the staff of life. When we think of food, we think of the enjoyment it brings, how much we enjoy eating and love sharing it with our family and friends. Friends and family get together at the dinner able, lingering over good food and great conversation. Backyard Grilling is a collection of recipes for grilling your favourite meats and vegetables and accompanying salads, salsa and dips. Creating these taste treats can be a group effort and a wonderful way to share an occasion with family and friends. Each dish is part of a complete meal so use your imagination to put together appetizers, a salad and a main course. Wine and beer pairings are included for each grilling recipe to help add to the taste experience and enjoyment of the meal. This is the first in a series from Ava's Nook and is part of the Adventure of Taste series. Watch for more collections in the series. For more taste adventures go to