Artificial Anthurium Plant in Pot - allmodern


We love our tropicals! With this collection of essential, faux tropical plants, you have to ability to bring calming, airy beach vibes to your home, and keep them inside forever! These plants are unique for their large, eye-catching and aesthetic leaves, along with their versatile green color-which helps make them ideal for any room in your house and suitable for many decor themes you may have in mind. At 49.5"s tall, the Banana plant can give height to your decoration when needed, while the 35" Monstera and the 34" Anthurium provide a strong base for further additions to your arrangements (though they also look great alone). These tropical plants are sold individually. If a summer/tropical/airy beach vibe is what you have in mind, this collection is the perfect choice. Like all our products, this one too is made with love by Serene Spaces Living.