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Chic Home Arlington 8-Piece Color Block Embroidered Comforter Set, Queen, Gold

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Arlington 8 Piece Color Block Embroidered Comforter Set - chic home
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SUPER SOFT LUXURIOUS MICROFIBER ? The Chic Home Livingston comforter is made with premium quality cotton-feel brushed microfiber ? No more rustling and crinkling as you toss and turn to get comfortable. Just quiet peaceful sleep with an amazingly soft comforter cover.HYPOALLERGENIC ALTERNATIVE DOWN FILLING ? The Livingston king size comforter is stuffed with 100% hypoallergenic synthetic filling ? Perfect for anyone with allergies looking to breathe and sleep easy, especially children and the elderlySTAY WARM AND COOL UNDER ONE COVER ? Be comfortable all year round with the Livingston king comforter by Chic Home ? Stuffed with lightweight synthetic down alternative filling the comforter will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer