Anding 3 Piece Metal Wall Planter Set - ivy bronx


Mix your love of nature and industrial decor with the beautiful planter set. This set of three takes inspiration from the modern industrial design movement. Each hanging planter includes a geometric and prismatic shape with a clean, black finish. This modern finish allows this set to easily mesh with the rest of your home decor, with the black finish adaptable to any living room, bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or dining room. The prism shape elevates these house planters by adding dimension to your standard wall decor, showing off your personal style while instantly drawing the eye. These planters, in particular, are made with small faux plants in mind, although it is possible to use real plants with the right protective liner. Hang this set of planters together as one dynamic wall display or install them all throughout your home for a cohesive decor aesthetic. They're ready out of the box with no assembly required, plus they hang in seconds with metal eyelet hangers. Color: Black