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0.9 GPF (Water Efficient) Elongated Bidet Toilet

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9 GPF Water Efficient Elongated Bidet Toilet - greatco inc
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Hygiene: post-cleaning, female cleaning, pulse cleaning, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtration of water. Automatic flushing: When leaving, the seat will automatically flush, thus realizing hands-free operation. Includes several adjustable functions: water pressure, water temperature, dryer temperature and heating seat. Instant heating comfort: hot water heating technology for heating seats and water. Figure out the LCD screen: use various functions to display dynamically in real time, with a practical and beautiful atmosphere. Dual-mode flip: It can be automatically flipped through the radio locator (when someone comes in, the toilet will flip automatically), or it can be switched to a foot-like flip. The cycle turning mode is only the foot turning cycle mode. When recognizing urine, avoid bending over and flush automatically. Turn off the flushing power: You can use the toilet flush button next to the power failure. Safe voltage seat constant temperature: The temperature of the hot seat ring can be adjusted to a suitable temperature with four gears, which is no longer annoying when the weather is cold. Water temperature adjustment: The temperature of the flushing water is constant, and the gear can be adjusted to suit the body temperature. Warm air drying: After rinsing, the warm air is clean, and the fourth gear can adjust the appropriate temperature without worrying about tissue problems. Automatic energy saving system: Built-in automatic energy saving and environmental protection design, saving water and electricity, saving you. Reminder: Only sitting on the seat can clean the human body (the cleaning function will be accompanied by water pressure adjustment, water temperature heating and other functions.) and drying function.