8 Cans AC DC Electric Mini Cooler or Mini Fridge - coca-cola
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Tips and TricksFor quickest cooling, pre-chill items before placing in mini-fridge and provide at least 3 inches clearance behind the fridgeMinimize opening and closing and ensure the door is closed properly for the most effective temperature controlThe lowest possible temperature depends on surrounding ambient temperatureTo avoid draining your vehicle's battery, only run cooler when the engine is onPRODUCT FEATURESEYE-CATCHING DESIGN - Unique can-shaped personal mini-fridge features official Coca-Cola® graphics, low profile self-locking door, and pull-tab carry handleECO-FRIENDLY COOLING - CFC-free thermoelectric semiconductor module keeps contents cool to 36°F (20°C) below room temperaturePERFECT FOR STUDENTS - 5.4 L/ 5.7 Quart capacity with removable shelf holds eight standard 12 oz/355 mL soda cans or 4 bottles and fits easily on desk or shelfLIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - 12V DC/110V AC capable for den, backyard, dorm, cottage, or cabin or on the go in your truck, boat, trailer, or RVSAFE STORAGE - Conveniently and safely store beverages, yogurt, fruit, juice, cheese, or medication at home, work, or travel