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COZY ACRES 72x60 Dreamy Bunny Blanket Tie-Dye Sky Blue X-Large

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72x60 Dreamy Bunny Blanket X Large - cozy acres
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HIGH QUALITY: Our blankets are made of plush, ultra-soft and luxurious 100% Polyester fibers that are gentle on your skin and durable enough to last for years. No more worrying about replacing your favorite blanket! PERFECT YEAR-ROUND: Whether you are snuggled up on a chilly winter night, or just want to drape the blanket on your sofa as an elegant decoration, Cozy Acres blankets have you covered. Our beautiful & luxurious blankets make a great gift for any occasion MULTIPLE COLORS: You want your house to look great and these blankets will help make that happen. With a variety of different colors and sizes, you’ll find exactly what you want with Cozy Acres PREMIUM AND AFFORDABLE: We wanted to make our incredibly comfy blankets stand out with super high-quality materials and designs without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality! EASY CARE: Machine-wash cold on the gentle cycle and tumble-dry low. Don’t be concerned about washing them in your machine at home, these blankets get better with use and wash!