700 1000 Watt Oscillating Parabolic Dish Radiant Electric Portable Space Heater - comfort zone
($64.99 save 40%)


With two powerful heat output settings, this Comfort Zone Oscillating Radiant Heater provides focused, direct heat wherever you need it. The 70-degree oscillation circulates air throughout your bedroom or workspace, filling the room with a warm breeze. This allows you to optimize the temperature of your bedroom or home office on cold winter days. Adjustable tilt lets you direct the airflow up or down as necessary, which is ideal for generating consistent heat to prevent your plumbing from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Designed for absolute safety, this radiant heater features an overheat protection sensor that automatically shuts off the power in the event of overheating, and a tip-over switch that shuts off the heater if it is accidentally knocked over. With a flocked safety grille that stays cool to the touch, it is easy to pick up this dish radiant heater and move it to the next room when you need heat in another area.