400 800 Watt Flat Panel Halogen Infrared Electric Portable Heater - comfort zone


Great for bedrooms, work shops, garages and more, this Comfort Zone Flat Panel Radiant Heater helps to quickly warm up cool and drafty spaces. It's made with halogen heater quartz bulbs, which reflect heat onto nearby objects like the sun and give off a warm glow when in use. The halogen electric heater features two different heat settings. Switch between them by simply turning a knob at the top of the unit. The same knob also turns the oscillation function on and off. The oscillation setting rotates the quartz heater up to 70°, helping to disperse warmth evenly throughout the room. This halogen heater has a slim, space-saving flat panel design that fits onto a table, nightstand or on the floor in a small room with ease. its clean, modern design lines and classic black finish complement a wide range of decor styles with ease. A tip-over switch automatically turns the heater off if it is knocked over to help prevent fires, while a built-in sensor helps prevent the unit from overheating. A molded handle makes it easy to carry, and the stay-cool handle and housing allow you to safely transport it from room to room.