40 Liter 5 Rectangle Stainless Steel Step On Trash Can - design trend
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This ultra sleek rectangular stainless steel trash can is slightly smaller than standard kitchen trash cans, so it’s a perfect choice for smaller areas where a larger can might not fit. The can’s design features a rounded top and edges for an elegant seamless look, and the step pedal is a stylish chrome bar, elevating the typical look of a step trash can. The interior of the can features a heavy duty removable plastic bin. The plastic bin prevents anything inside the bin from reaching the exterior of the can, such as bag leaks or spills. The bin also has a bag lock to keep the bag securely in place. The step pedal allows you to open the lid of the trash can hands free, and the stay-open lid feature allows you to keep the lid open when necessary. When you release your foot from the pedal, if the lid is not in the stay-open position, the lid closes softly and silently, protecting the exterior of the can. The exterior of the can is made of stainless steel. The finish of the stainless steel is fingerprint- and smudge-resistant, keeping your trash can looking cleaner longer. The stainless steel is also rust, corrosion and germ resistant. This elegant rectangle stainless steel trash can is sure to be a treasured feature in your home or office for years to come