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KNIPEX Tools 38 71 200, 8-Inch Angled Long Nose Mechanics Gripping Pliers

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38 71 200 8 Inch Angled Long Nose Mechanics Gripping Pliers - knipex tools
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A tool designed with your hand in mind. KNIPEX Tools 38 71 20 8" Angled Long Nose Pilers are as comfortable to use as they are practical. They ensure an easy grip in confined spaces. The 70-degree bent nose of the 38 71 200 delivers high-bending strength in the jaws and tips. These Knipex grip pliers are suitable for pulling split pins. They have a longer and narrower body to reach where other pliers can't. With a serrated gripping surface, KNIPEX Long Nose Pliers provide a more secure grip with less slipping. KNIPEX specializes in the development and production of high-quality pliers and is Europe's leading manufacturer. This piece is an indispensable addition to your mechanic tool set. It's suitable for electrical and some automotive work, too. The curved handles make it more comfortable to grip. Plastic coating acts as an insulator and protects the handles from damage.