2 pack Socket Shelf Ultra 8 port Surge Protector w Light - sharper image
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Sharper Image 2-pack Socket Shelf Ultra 8-port Surge Protector w/Light Socket Shelf™ by The Sharper Image® is the revolutionary power station that adds a shelf to any outlet. Easily turn an ordinary outlet into the ultimate powerhouse with Socket Shelf™, because it triples the number of outlets to six and adds two USB ports, to boot. Clear up clutter and add shelf space to any room. No installation required, just plug it in. What You Get 2 Socket Shelf Ultras 2 Shelves 2 Sets of instructions Good to Know Use a socket at least 30' from the breaker. Use only in dry locations and only indoors. Do not expose to rain, wet or damp conditions. Water entering this product will increase the risk of electrical shock.