16 Gauge Stainless Steel 33 in 50 50 Double Bowl Undermount Workstation Kitchen Sink Brushed Stainless Steel - ruvati


Ruvati's Roma PRO series is an updated version of the Roma workstation sinks and features rounded insider corners and edges for easy cleaning. The sink includes built-in accessories (colander, cutting board and folding rack) that slide on the integrated tracks in the sink. Includes a deep stainless steel colander that you can use as strainer. The solid hardwood cutting board is constructed of Sapele wood - a luxurious wood that has a beautiful finish and handles water well. The foldable drying rack, made of square stainless bars and silicone, folds out on the track and is ideal as a dish drying rack. Roma PRO brings you the best of form, functionality and low-maintenance. Upgrade your kitchen with a Ruvati workstation sink. Color: Brushed Stainless Steel.