11 Piece Plastic Polystyrene Pitcher Cups and Bowls Plastic Dinnerware Set - lince international llc


Special moments are full of brilliance even more when they bring the bright of the crystal. Your picnic, camping and barbecue will not be the same after this sofisticated Crystal set, which has been developed for those people who like luxury and elegance when gathering with family and friends. The plastic has the unique appearance and the unique shine of the crystal and will make your relaxion moments still more special. The set is BPA-free (non-toxic) and pieces are re-usable. Because of that, it is also a great option for your family's daily use at home. Set composition: 01 Pitcher: 67,62 oz. (9 14/32 : 5 17/32 in.) 04 cups: 11,83 oz. (5 ¾ : 9 ½ in.) 01 large bowl: 101,44 oz. (10 5/8 : 4 in.) 04 small bowls: 8,45 oz. (4 ¼ : 1 15/16 in.) This is a must-have set. Don't miss the opportunity to give a special touch of glamour and sofistication to your outdoor entertainment times. Enjoy it. Color: Green.