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Knipex Tools 10 98 i220, 8.75-Inch Ear Clamp Pliers

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10 98 i220 75 Inch Ear Clamp Pliers - knipex tools
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Complete repairs, installations and other jobs with Knipex Tools 10 98 i220 Ear Clamp Pliers. They are designed to tighten ear clamps so they remain securely in place around fuel lines, compressors and more. The polished head of this 8.75" clamping tool securely grasps press points without leaving damage behind and is small enough to work in confined spaces. With handles coated in plastic, you get a secure and comfortable grip. This pair of Knipex Tools pliers is constructed from high-grade special German tool steel, forged and oil-hardened for added durability and longer life. It's suitable for both home use and for contractors on professional job sites.