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RTA Outdoor Living 30" 1-Piece 1-Burner Charcoal Grill Island

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1 Piece 1 Burner Charcoal Grill Island - rta outdoor living
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The built-in Asado stand is a great addition to your outdoor space giving you the option for smoking, searing, or more grilling. This stand is constructed with our multi-component proprietary concrete composite panels and countertop. The included countertop has a chiseled edge with no overhang on one side so you can easily put the stand flush to any outdoor kitchen or bar island. The included Kamado cooker features: -Standard Coyote Signature Smoking Grate for perfect heat diffusion -Heat-Resistant Ceramic Construction -Exterior 304 Stainless Steel Construction -254 in2of Cooking Area -Adjustable Venting for Perfect Temperature Control -Smoke, Sear, & Grill Options Any of our add-on products can be combined with your outdoor kitchen space to add further utility and enjoyment.This outdoor kitchen add-ons may not include shipping or installation. Installation costs, if any, should be minimal do to the unique installation process which significantly reduces the time to install (a few hours).Simplified the construction process by using structural high-strength concrete panels (precast with a stone, wood, or concrete face) that can be assembled in a few hours with a couple of people. Panels are self-supporting with no finish or masonry work required. Panels are simply set in place, attached with L-brackets and self-tapping screws, corners are mounted, countertop and appliance installed, and your kitchen is complete. Wall Finish: White Stacked Stone