1 500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater with Safety Features - comfort zone


Comfort Zone Mini-Tower Heater Mini heater with major power: Recommended For medium-sized rooms, this powerful 1500-Watt mini tower heater features dual ceramic PTC heating elements for superior performance 2 heat settings: this tower heater with fan includes 2 heat settings and a fan-only setting to keep your room comfortable, no matter the conditions Oscillating ceramic tower heater: wide 80-degree oscillation distributes air effectively for widespread coverage in medium-sized rooms Safe design: features an advanced safety system that includes a safety tip-over switch, stay-cool body with molded handle and overheat protection sensor Efficient performance: this ceramic tower heater helps lower heating costs because it allows you to raise the temperature in the room you are in rather than the entire house Stay cool body Safety tip-over switch and safety temperature overheat cut-off switch CZ488