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Comfort Zone 1,500-Watt Fan-Forced Oscillating Portable Ceramic Space Heater, Silver

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1 500 Watt Fan Forced Oscillating Portable Ceramic Space Heater - comfort zone
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Save money on your heating bills by turning your home or office thermostat down a few degrees and using this Comfort Zone Oscillating Compact Ceramic Heater to heat individual rooms while they are in use. The portable oscillating heater boasts two convenient heat settings, allowing you to easily switch it from high to low heat as needed. The powerful PTC heating element warms up quickly and helps to maintain a consistent temperature in small rooms up to 800 square feet. An oscillation function disperses the heat over a wider area, while a fan-only setting helps to boost air circulation if the room starts to feel stuffy or to cool down your space in the warmer months. A stay-cool handle ensures the Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater is safe to move from room to room, even right after use. Features like a tip-over switch and an overheat protection sensor help keep the device safe to operate for long periods of time. This space heater comes in a sleek, silver-toned finish that complements many different décor styles and color schemes with ease.